Group lesson (8 max) adult 4 days Sunday - Wednesday

  • 2275225-240340
Our groups are limited to 8-9 students maximum per instructor. From beginners (from 7 years old) to experts, our goals are:
- to progress and discover while having fun. It must be a pleasure for your child and it is a priority for us.
- learn and respect the rules and other users on the tracks. From an early age you can have fun and respect the environment and other practitioners
- to develop his technique to enjoy safely. We bring a lot of importance to skiing, our staff and our schedules allow children to do the most skiing.
A continuous evaluation throughout the week will give a level on the last day with a medal offered as well as a tracking book.
It is important to refer to our level chart to include children in the correct group. The instructors ensure a good homogeneity at the beginning of the week and can make changes of levels, staffing and possibly duration