Airboat or Airyak and Canoraft

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Even if they are 2 different boats, they are from the same family and the guides Ecolorado Rafting frame them in the same session. This often allows you to exchange during the session and discover both.
A 2 in the Canoraft, which for some is more reassuring, you will each have a simple paddle and will have to learn to coordinate.
You will be alone in the Airboat and will have a double paddle which will make it a little easier. The Arve in Passy, ​​near Sallanches and Chamonix and the Giffre between Sixt Fer à Cheval and Samoëns are wonderful.

The Giffre is THE ideal RIVER for these 2 activities !!!

Each stop will be an opportunity for new advice. We will take the time to offer you some exercises to help you progress and thus achieve a beautiful descent.

We have selected the top quality equipment, lightweight, manageable, stable, which will allow you to cross the fast entry gorges for your enjoyment.
If at the end of the course you are not yet champions, you will have learned a lot and the satisfaction of having been the main actor will be read in your eyes.

Sports baptism: 7km downhill to learn how to master your boat.