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Hydrospeed in the Alps in Samoens on the river Giffre in Haute-Savoie, in the land of Mont Blanc
Swimming in Eau Vive is a fun way to apprehend the river and to demystify it.

Hydrospeed is a discipline accessible to all: equipped with a foam float, fins and a reinforced combination, your guide will teach you to feel the power of the current and to maneuver easily between the obstacles to find your way.
With your hydrospeed, you will surf the waves and have a new vision of the river: sensations and pleasures guaranteed ...
It is imperative to know how to swim.

The anxiety of falling into the water fades!
Ideal to understand the river, its currents, hydrospeed allows us to understand its operation!
The slide in the depths of the wave, the pleasures of surfing, river descents will no longer impress you!


 Minimum age: 12 years
 Group from 8 people: 38 €
 * Duration: 1h30
 Departure: Perret Bridge
 Arrival: Samoëns (Giffre bridge)
A discovery descent starting under the Gorges de Tines and leading to the Samoëns bridge. Ideal to learn the techniques of navigation with a float.