Stand Up Paddle

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The Arve at Passy is perfect for Stand Up Paddle. The lakes of Illettes and Passy will allow you to discover the basics, refine your balance, play with and integrate the rules of navigation in the river.

The Arve is navigable on a very great length, The part that we go down to Passy, ​​Sallanches and Magland is particularly adapted to the SUP slide standing on the current and the waves is great and you will have only one desire, is to start again !!!
The first meters we start on our knees and as soon as we feel good we take the standing and enjoy this slide under the peaks.

Slide standing in the powerful current of the Arve, anticipate the waves by bending the legs, seek relaxation and lack of stress, do everything to avoid falling and laugh when she is there!
Previously we will have discovered the lake activity. In this quiet space, we will have learned the rules and principles of navigation and of course refined its balance and propulsion, learned to turn, navigate with this large paddle. We will also have learned to fall back and forth (if so)
If you hesitate, you can just choose a lake initiation to make you a first idea.
Lake session: Initiation in calm water to find its marks, learn to propel itself and to move, to refine its balance, to play with the center of gravity, to gite, to fall, to go up ... .. The more you will progress on the lake, the more you will be ready for the living water !!

Lake and descent: After an initiation on the lake of Îlettes during 30 to 40 minutes, we reach the Arve very close (about 30m) to go down 7 km of particularly adapted river. It is an experience of Paddle in white water and slides on the current absolutely great. You will become familiar with the waves, will master the stops, your guide always suggesting the best. Mont Blanc in your back the Aravis and fis above you. A great moment of happiness to live and share with family or friends, a beautiful impression of freedom and nature.