Rando / raquettes

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Straddling the Faucigny and the Chablais we offer "Randos Nature" snowshoes supervised by Mireille and Alain, mountain guides graduated since 1985.

Every week, from Sunday to Friday,

we offer a varied program adapted to the conditions of snow and meteorology.

We will also have fun to make you discover the night walks, before being around a fondue!

Accessible to the greatest number and progressive in difficulty, we try to make groups more tonic or more contemplative. For children (from 7/8 years) a more playful and adapted content, will be proposed by one of us.
Without being exhaustive, nature is too vast for this, we will focus on making you discover and understand the mountain environment. Our Randos themed, every day different, will address the mountain animals (deer, deer, boar, hare, chamois, ibex, mouflon, fox, ips typographer), the forest of the Northern Alps (spruce, fir, maple, larch, ash, alder, yew), the traditional habitat (farm, stir, granary or mazot). For those who do not know it yet, you will be surprised to learn that magnifying glasses or loaves can hide others ...

For better quality, we try not to exceed 12 people per guide.

Sunday: Panoramic walk, discovery of the valley, to be defined according to snow conditions.

Monday: The Horseshoe, its ibex, its panorama and its imposing ice cascades.
Ideal training, this easy hike will allow you to better understand the mountain animals and the extraordinary adaptation to their environment.

Tuesday: The life of the forest, animal tracks, Mont Blanc panorama and great forest walk. You will discover the main species of the mountain floor, their uses, their development and most importantly, you will disconnect completely from the daily stress.
Wednesday: Beautiful walk in the valley of the Mounties where we will have the pleasure to admire, with the naked eye and the long sight, sheep and chamois and to speak to you for a long time about its animals.

Thursday: Trapper's Day of Mireille where forest trails mingle, sumptuous panorama, good humor and conviviality around the fire of wood that you will have helped us to prepare. Very often we are 2 to supervise this day, which makes it possible to satisfy sportive and contemplative. After the meal, those who wish will be able to climb up to a pass, the others will spend more time to contemplate the chamois.

Or other half-day, theme to define together.

Friday: We like to finish in beauty, according to the conditions of snow, we will go to the Rosière above Samoëns or Sincerneret above Les Gets, in any case it will be beautiful !!!

!!! At your request other outings can be scheduled in the morning or weekend!
Transport included: It is not always pleasant to drive on the mountain roads in winter and finish the cars that follow each other. Our local is located near the district of Beules and the Vallons, so we will make appointment in front of the tourist office, to all those who stay in the center of Samoëns. Very often we will even be able to pick you up in front of your accommodation.

You must provide: Walking shoes or snow boots. Loose and comfortable clothes. Gloves, glasses and sunscreen. Small backpack with a little water. Picnic for the trapper's day.

Who says small group, said Reservation. Think about it !!!